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YalaRent is a group of companies specializing in real estate and vacation properties.

The group, owned by Yuval Rafael, currently manages about 150 vacation properties in Eilat, Tel Aviv, Tiberias and the north of Israel and is the largest company in Israel for short-term vacation property rentals. We offer a large variety of vacation homes, from huge villas with private pools and luxurious penthouses overlooking the sea, to urban boutique apartments in prime locations. 

By the end of the year, the company plans to enter Jerusalem as well as the hotel sector (a deal is planned for a hotel with 200 rooms).

The group strives to lead the field of vacation apartments in the country, while owning dozens of luxury properties and creating a hospitality experience at the highest level, with an emphasis on personal service (a personal host is available 24/7), luxurious hospitality, reliability, transparency and high standards reflected at every stage.

The group's vision

We will work with phenomenal determination and intensity to make everyone who comes in contact with our company feel and experience with all their might the free love, integrity, transparency and absolute truth that we represent and convey to all our employees, customers, investors and partners along the way, from small to large.

Join the success as investors!

The company offers a variety of investment routes that allow investors to enter as partners in assets, and enjoy a high and safe return in relation to the options available in the market. The investor gets safe against his investment and exit options during the life of operating the property.

Depending on the investments, suitable properties are acquired that are identified as having the potential to become holiday homes by the group’s real estate company. These properties are then renovated by the group’s maintenance company, designed by our interior designer, who specializes in holiday design, managed by the management company and marketed under the resort company Yahalrent. As investors, you are a partner in the profit that the vacation home brings.

The complete operating model, under the various companies in the group, enables efficient operation with minimum expenses, to maximize profits. These profits generate the returns for investors.

Do you already own a vacation property?

As property owner you have probably encountered quite a few problems in managing the property remotely. Receiving tenants, fixing problems, routine maintenance and more.
Here we enter the picture – as a professional company in the field of property management, we give you peace of mind. We take care of everything related to the property from the moment it is received by us. Starting with renovation and design if necessary for adjustment for rent as a holiday property, through professional photography, marketing on all platforms as one of our holiday properties, renting, receiving guests and their service and of course the whole issue of cleaning, maintenance and taxes.

Group companies

The vacation company

YalaRent is the largest vacation rental company in Israel, under which 150 of our holiday homes are marketed and rented.

The investment company

The company offers a variety of investment routes that allow investors to enter as partners in assets, and enjoy a high and safe return in relation to the options available in the market. The investor gets safe against his investment and exit options during the life of operating the property.

Real estate company

Of the group acquires properties, which the group manages as holiday properties.

The company operates in Israel and the United States, under
IYI Real Estate USA, and in the future will also expand to Europe.

Financing Company

We offer financing for vacations in our holiday properties, without damaging the credit line and at attractive interest rates.

Each client receives an offer tailored to his needs and abilities, both in terms of the vacation budget and in terms of financing methods.

Maintenance company

The group’s maintenance company is located in Eilat, and provides cleaning, laundry, maintenance and renovations to the group’s vacation properties in the city.

The company was created in response to the need for professional and reliable services in the southern city, while maintaining the high level of quality reflected in all the group’s companies.

Managment Company

The management company of the group, which is responsible for the partner management of the properties, operating the service company if necessary, receiving the guests and providing a solution to any problem in the property.

Interior design

A professional and talented interior designer, responsible for designing the properties purchased under the real estate company and rented out as vacation properties. The clean, modern and luxurious designs include special wallpapers and quality and pampering furniture, to create a luxurious and impressive holiday experience.

The group's operational model

The uniqueness of the group is in the synergy between its arms to create an efficient and complete business and operational model:

➡️ We recruit investors to purchase properties that we locate through the real estate company.
➡️ The properties are then renovated by our maintenance company, and designed by an interior designer who specializes in the field of holiday homes. When the properties are ready, they are marketed as holiday properties and thus give investors a high return relative to the market.
➡️ The properties are managed by our management company, and are maintained by our maintenance company, which takes care of maintenance, cleaning, laundry and everything that is needed.
➡️ Holiday prices are determined with the help of exclusive and unique pricing software developed for us, for maximum return while competitively priced.
➡️ And finally, starting this September, we will offer the customers of the vacation company an option to finance the vacation under an internal financing company that will be established.


Thus, the entire process, from the purchase of the property to its rental as an income-producing holiday property, is carried out within the group in an efficient and holistic manner.

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